Welcome to the True Food Academy


We established the True Food Academy here in Mountshannon, County Clare because we want to bring true food back to the table. What do we mean by 'true food?' True, in this case, means following the laws of nature rather than the laws of profit. From seed to harvest to table, you will be shown the joys of seeing how much healthier it is to eat organically grown food as opposed to the anonymous product we buy at a big chain store. The fruit of a plant that you grow with a healthy life can return the favor by giving you yourself a healthy life. Undoctored and unsprayed crops not only are better for you, but they often taste better and satisfy you more than anything you've eaten before! To introduce you to the gourmet world of nature, we offer long and short term Nutrition 4 Life courses, private consultations, Talk Demo Taste style workshops, and private consultations.

Our goal is to inspire and educate you, through fun demonstrations, on the fundamental principles of true food, which you can apply at home. If you're feeling true to yourself, take a look at our website, and perhaps we'll see you soon. But please don't wait too long, our courses are limited and they fill up quickly.




Patricia Reddington

“This has been the most pleasurable, interesting, knowledgeable, educating nutrition and food course I have done in my life. I really don’t feel I need to do any more courses in this area from now on. This really has been ‘the cream of the crop’ for me and I will happily and confidently look forward from now onward in terms of caring for my diet. Colette and Joe are so knowledgeable and its been such a pleasure learning from them, it really is.”

Lilian Cassin

“If you want to learn how to nourish rather than just feed you and your family then this is the course for you. Through a mixture of theory and practical Colette McMahon, assisted by her husband Joe, teaches how to prepare and cook food so as to maximise their health benefits. And you will learn much much more! Colette and Joe’s passion for their subject is infectious and their knowledge vast. By the end of this course, you will find yourself looking at food differently and you will also take away the knowledge of how to unlock the full potential of what you eat.”