2017 COURSE – Nutrition 4 Life


Group A

2017 October 14th & 15th
November 11th &12th
2018 January 20th & 21st
February 10th &11th
March 3rd & 4th

Group B

2017 October 21st & 22nd
November 18th & 19th
2018 January 27th & 28th
February 17th & 18th
March 10th & 11th

Now in its second year, this highly successful course gives you an opportunity to spend 5 weekends with Nutritional Therapist Colette McMahon and learn about Health & Nutrition in a practical, hands-on way. The course is limited to 12 places per group so it is a small group learning experience in Colette and Joe’s own home in Mountshannon.

It will take place over 2 full days for 5 weekends - Saturday and Sunday from 9.30am – 4.30pm

*Accommodation available if needed- please enquire when booking.

Lunch and refreshments are included. Take a look at one of our sample menus.


*Water bottles always available

9:45 – Ginger tea made up and hot water in flasks with herbal tea bags, lemon, honey.

11:00 – Golden Milk
hot coconut milk
turmeric root
ginger root
black pepper
tea spoon of coconut oil
raw honey to taste
blend and serve

1:30pm – Lunch
miso soup
rice balls
sushi rolls & dipping sauce
greens and avocado salad
Drinks- green tea Kombucha

4 pm- Afternoon break served in Living room
Green tea Almond cake
Rooibosh tea or Bulletproof coffee


*Water bottles always available

9:45 – Ginger tea made up and hot water in flasks with herbal tea bags, lemon, honey

11:00 – Raw Maca & Raw Cacao coconut milk shake
unsweetened almond milk
coconut milk frozen in an ice cube tray
full fat coconut kefir
1 tbsp toasted coconut flakes
1/2 tbsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp maca powder
1 tbsp raw cacao powder
1 large pitted Medjool date
1 small frozen banana
Toasted Coconut flakes and Cacao nibs for topping and swirling!

1:30 pm – Lunch
Chicken Broth
big mixed salad & anti inflammatory dressing
beetroot/ carrot / sesame salad
courgette spaghetti with pesto-style dressing
bake spud and our own home made cream cheese
drinks- blackcurrant water kefir

4pm - Afternoon break serve in Living-room
Hot cross buns
Rooibos tea or Bulletproof coffee

5 weekends – only € 750.00

Non refundable deposit to secure a place - €150

Contact Colette: m 086 8903710 or Joe : 087 8205013



* 25% Grant Aid Available through N.O.T.S -

This course is grant aided by -National Organic Training Skillnets or N.O.T.S If you think you may qualify, please contact N.O.T.S. : Course Cost-Full Price €750.00 per person less 25% Skillnet funding if eligible which leaves the cost at €562.50 payable in-full directly to NOTS. To check eligibility and book a place please, contact N.O.T.S. on 071 964 0688 or email info@nots.ie. In order to avail of the reduced rate, you must secure your place in advance, as places are not guaranteed and funding is limited.

What to Expect -
Here is a brief outline of what we cover on the weekends. For every hour we spend in theory there are at least two hours of hands-on practicals!
Nutrition4Life is a very practical course.

Participants will gain a broader understanding of Fats, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Superfoods, Epigenetics & Synergy. Each weekend builds on the last, thereby helping you to gain a broad understanding of the digestive system and how stress and nutrition affects the digestive as well as every other system of the body. The body is not unlike a concert orchestra; every individual instrument in the orchestra needs to be finely tuned and in sync to produce beautiful music!

Theory a sample of some of the areas covered over one weekend

Understanding digestion and absorption of fats, and how to support this process.

Where does digestion begin?

Know your fats. We will look at the biochemical make-up of saturated, monosaturated, poly unsaturated fats, including the rest of the family, omega – 3,6,9. And how to use these fats for health in the kitchen.

Diet and heart. Whats to know about Cholesterol? What’s really causing heart disease?

Fat deficiencies, antioxidants and free radical - the part they play.

Therapeutic diets, Ketogenic, Paleo and GAPs review

Fat soluble vitamins A D E K and impact on health

Sample of practicals


anti- inflammatory dressings

Marinades & use of herbs to aid digestibility of fats

nuts and seeds

Making cultured butter

Kefir-care, uses, benefits of this probiotic food

Healthy smoothies ( kefir cream, avocado, etc)

Healthy desserts

Fish and fish oils

Some more of the practicals we cover over the 5 weekends, to fill up your take home goodie bag!

Probiotic soda drinks

Sourdough breads and healthy baked goods



Fermented vegetable

Kefir Dairy

Sour cream

Soft cheese

Cultured Butter & Ghee

Healing herbs and spices

Healthy Stocks and Broth

Sourdough Bread and more....

We also provide you with your own starter cultures to take home to help with those first steps in turning your kitchen into a living kitchen.



N4L 2016-2017

"I enjoyed the course very much. I learnt the importance of good fats in the diet and how to make sourdough bread. I was introduced to kefir, how to make it, and its many uses and health benefits. Excellent food served with emphasis on the importance of using good fresh organic ingredients in the meals. Since being introduced to kefir I have started a few people on kefir, they have all reported on the benefits and are now making it themselves!"

Maureen Donohue April 2017


"I enjoyed the course very much. I cannot recommend it highly enough, loved every minute. Colette Joe and Lorraine are the dream team! The practical work of baking, cooking and chopping together, I was 100% satisfied. A perfect balance between theory and practice, practical and realistic. Colette is a fountain of knowledge. I feel much better since I started the course . I am inspired to nurture myself and my children."

Orla Sheedy April 2017


"Just Fantastic! I learnt lots I did not know before, lots of making and doing everything- sauerkraut, all the ferments, butter, sourdough bread etc. I found the constant re doing of things especially the sourdough bread, very helpful as new stuff takes a while to really learn. Thank you! The kitchen is very practical with plenty of room. I have learnt so much in terms of how to make, prepare, and cook so many healthy options. The theory of nutrition both good and bad... above all just being immersed in the passion Colette and Joe have for all of this ultra-nutrition was most inspiring and rewarding."

John Canny April 2017


“ I enjoyed every aspect of this course from start to finish. Nutrition was an integral part of my learning when I studied Homeopathic medicine in the nineties. What I learnt at Truefood Academy both complemented and updated what I had previously learned. My favourite part of the course was, without a doubt, the practical aspect, I have always been passionate about food and love combining healthy, carefully sourced food with creativity, to produce delicious dishes. In the past I have done some cookery demonstrations and cooking for groups. Colette and Joe were both incredibly accommodating, patient, good humoured, knowledgeable, and adaptable. The food that we were fed was superb; everyone on the course enjoyed it. This course is made accessible for everyone, no matter how much or how little you know about nutrition, you will feel included and benefit. It also represents extremely good value for money. I do hope that we have some catch-up days”

Lesley Merriman June 2017


Busy making orange/ gingerade and short pickles

Raw Chocolate Mousse and Raspberry Coulis

Lunch Time

taking turns churning the butter

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