Sheep’s cheese

Sheep’s cheese – for those of us intolerant of milk we are sometimes still able to take cheese made from sheep’s or goat’s milk referred to as ‘real cheeses’ by Kathryn Marsden in her fantastic book Good Gut Healing. She explains “this is because some or all of their lactose content is broken down during the fermentation process, making them easier to digest and, as a bonus, making the calcium content more ‘bio-available’ to the body.”

I recently experimented with this idea for dinner – roast lamb chops with a few thin slices of sheep’s cheese covered in spelt breadcrumbs. Chopped rosemary, sage and thyme in the crust as well as in the marinade which also included red wine, lemon zest, olive oil and seasoning. 10 – 12 minutes in 180c oven – only gorgeous with a few roast spuds and carrots that go in beforehand at 200c for 20 mins.

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